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Ever wonder what we're up to at EDEB8.com? Read some of these little articles and updates to find out!
Online vs traditional debates
Just figured this was an idea worth sharing!

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Clarifications on judge moderation
This has come up as an issue again recently, and it provides me with a good opportunity to...
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Recent Site Updates - Feb 25 2015
Wondering what's new around edeb8? Well wonder no more! Here are some of the great new things that...
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Terms of Use update
Just clarifying a few rules here and there - figured the site blog should know about this too! :)

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Edeb8 reaches 300 members!
Awesome for the site and for everyone! Edeb8 recently has gone up to 300 members after solid growth...
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Happy New Year 2015!
I know we're a little late in wishing it, but I figured it's high time I made another update...
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Truncate HTML text with PHP
Normally on this blog I post updates relevant to edeb8. On this occasion, I want to share a...
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Recent Site Updates - November 2014
Last month was the busiest month in edeb8 history, which is fantastic for the site. But as well as...
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Site growth
Just thought I'd share the results of the first couple of months of tracking the site's word count...
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Recent Site Updates - September 2014
We're almost a year old and still growing! Awesome. Soon edeb8 will reach 200 members, and exciting...
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Recent Site Updates - July 2014
Just letting you know about some of the major new features available now for free on edeb8.com! Most...
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Forum formatting
On the forums, you can use a variety of tools to format your posts. These are special codes or...
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World Online Debating Cup
The grandest online debating tournament ever conceived has begun, and edeb8's taking part. You can...
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Server Issues
Recently the hosting company for edeb8 basically shut down. Thankfully we managed to survive and...
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Team Debate "Involvement"
Just thought I'd clear up something important regarding team debates.

In a team debate, one team...
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Recent new features - Apr 2014
Here's what we've been creating these past few months, in case you haven't followed on the forums:
  • ...
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Conversation with an EDEB8 critic
Every so often I get emails from people who hate EDEB8, usually because they are actually opposed to...
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For New Members
If you're new to EDEB8, the vast number of features might be overwhelming. Recently a new member...
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Uploading a video
Recently I was asked this question regarding video. I hope the user who sent it to me doesn't mind...
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Secret Topic Debates
A secret topic debate is a kind of debate where you want to argue about something, but you don't...
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What's new - Jan 2014
Hey everyone! In the past month EDEB8 has had it's busiest month since our launch, and everything...
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New Year - New Features!
Howdy y'all!

2014 is going to be a big year for EDEB8. I'm already planning our first tournament and...
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Merry XMas!
You've probably noticed a lot of cool changes on EDEB8 over the last few weeks that I'm really...
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EDEB8's place in the information age
In his essay "Not Everything or Everyone in the World Has a Home on the Internet", noted Professor...
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Sorry for all the timing issues!
Timezones are nearly impossible to wrap one's head around.

Fortunately with my latest spate of...
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Updates of the day #5
Have some updates!

* Favouriting debates!

* Homepage activity feed

* Video for homepage for...
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Updates of the day #4
The site grows stronger! Here's some of the cool new things you can now enjoy on EDEB8:

* Saving...
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First ever completed debate!
The title says it all. See it here: http://www.edeb8.com/debate/God+probably+doesn%5C%27t++exists./
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Updates of the day #3
Today was a bit of a slower day, with me enjoying my weekend. Since most of the site is American,...
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Are you following us?
We post interesting updates from around the site periodically on social media. Not only can you...
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Updates of the day #2
Today saw a number of cool improvements to Edeb8.com, notably:

  • The new logo, thanks to...
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Updates of the day
Today saw a whole host of new stuff appear on EDEB8.com, notably:

  • HTML content enabled on...
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Debating online makes you smarter
Did you know that online debaters become better at learning and are more engaged with education?...
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Post-Launch Roundup
Now that EDEB8.com is several hours old, allow me to introduce some of the new cool things EDEB8.com...
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Starting a new debate on EDEB8.com
While the multitude of options available on EDEB8.com when starting a new debate may seem daunting...
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Welcome to EDEB8.com!
It's my pleasure to welcome you to this site. EDEB8 was created to offer something different in the...
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