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For New Members

If you're new to EDEB8, the vast number of features might be overwhelming. Recently a new member asked me for help getting started on the site. This is what I told them.

We have a forum where you can go say hi to everyone. I'm sure others who have been on this site for longer will be happy to help you out too. http://www.edeb8.com/forum

Recently I added descriptions to the "new debate" page for all the different options, but if that's not enough, I put a useful article in my blog about it too. It's a bit old so doesn't cover everything, but it will help you get started with your first debate. http://www.edeb8.com/blog/Starting+a+new+debate+on+EDEB8.com

Judging a debate is really easy - just click "Judge" on the top of every page to get started. You can also rate the votes of other judges depending on how good you thought their votes were. This helps the site work out who the best judges are. We've got 3 debates that could use your constructive input right now!

There's also teams, for team debates, and groups, which you can use to hang out with other members (they've got their own forums and shoutboxes). You can either make a private group with just a few friends, or a group for anyone to join. Here are some groups on EDEB8 already: http://www.edeb8.com/search/?type=groups

And a whole bunch of other stuff, but those would be the big things I would highlight if you're just getting used to the site.

Finally, if you have any questions, just ask! I'll try to answer anything you send my way as soon as I can. I'm also very interested to hear your feedback and your ideas for how I can improve the site.

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