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Atheists Atheists
Real debatersReal debaters
Regular debates will be held in this group. Everyone is free to choose whatever side they want. All opinions and ideas are welcome. 
Christ's Legion Christ's Legion
For any and all Christians to discuss all matters of their faith, in addition to metaphysics, morality, and a plethora of other topics.
The Dinner TableThe Dinner Table
You know how you're not supposed to talk about politics or religion around the dinner table? Disregard that.
Edeb8 Member AwardsEdeb8 Member Awards
The Edeb8 Member Awards recognize members of the community for their outstanding contributions to the site. There are many categories that will be awarded on January 1st, but the two most prestigious ...
The eternal game of Mafia
The Campaign For a Greater EDEB8The Campaign For a Greater EDEB8
This group was founded to enhance the EDEB8 experience. EDEB8 has all the greatest debate features but there is a lack of organization in utilizing these features. The Campaign For a Greater EDEB...
Debate For FunDebate For Fun
Debate For Fun, this group debates for fun and does it peacefully without swearing or threatsOnly Rules are;Have FunDon't SwearJust follow these and your a member
Readers' GroupReaders' Group
Love to read? Join here!
Official EDEB8 EliteOfficial EDEB8 Elite
The most elite club on edeb8 opens their doors to the public for the first time. Join to become one with the official edeb8 elite.
Rainbow Dash Appreciation SocietyRainbow Dash Appreciation Society
A group devoted to the fastest, coolest, awesomest, radicalest and most importantly loyalest of all the pegasi ever - Rainbow Dash!Trivia: this was the first ever group on EDEB8.com, as it was the one...
Edeb8 Poll SocietyEdeb8 Poll Society
The Edeb8 Poll Society is the main polling group for edeb8.com. If you have any topics, ideas, or opinions you would like to turn into a poll, this is the place to do it. If you have a problem with a ...
Writer's GroupWriter's Group
A group dedicated to those of us who don't just enjoy writing debate rounds, but actually like writing generally! We can review each others work, get into contests, share inspiration, debate writing, ...
You try being a millennial You try being a millennial
This is a safe place for millennials to have awesome debates and chats about shit that affects us... like how lazy we apparently are...
And we're back again!And we're back again!
Open group, friendly! Give each-other advice, get to know each-others opinions- And have fun!
The   World    Debates  and  Speeches   GroupThe World Debates and Speeches Group
This  group  is  focused on exchanging  debates  and  speeches   using  WhatsApp  as a  social  media
Debating for a Better World (DBW)Debating for a Better World (DBW)
This debating society is a new one, which will aim to hold constructive debates on how we, as humans, can make the worldwide society better. This means that anyone, regardless of ideology, is welcome,...
This group is for libertarians.
The Republican RoomThe Republican Room
Join if you are a Republican. NO DEMOCRATS PLEASE.What is a republican ? The Republican Party, commonly referred to as the GOP (abbreviation for Grand Old Party), is one of the two major con...
The DebaterThe Debater
The debater debates... We love to debate...per fas et nefas; through right and wrong...
Crusade for DemocracyCrusade for Democracy
CALLING EVERY GOOD CITIZEN IN FAVOR OF A FREE WORLDWith the rise of extremism throughout the world, especially in the United States, the West is realizing that it can't take democracy for granted.&nbs...
Edeb8 Association Of PhilosophyEdeb8 Association Of Philosophy
the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.From Plato to Marx, we are here to discuss the fundamentals of philosophy
Magni Moderatoris de FuturoMagni Moderatoris de Futuro
Philosophy: Futurism, Transhumanism Politics: N/A. Motto: "There is only one future. That future belongs to us." Objective: Focus on building a highly technological society . Chairman: Topatdoc
Social ConservativesSocial Conservatives
This is group stands for Freedom of religion and Freedom of Speech in order to exercise the rights of the religious community. This enables the religious community to express their views and opinions ...
Church of NACChurch of NAC
Praise be to Mod and his Prophet Chickadee
Pretty self explanatory. For fans of Doctor Who to discuss, well, Doctor Who. Allons-y!
1. Reality exists as an objective absolute—facts are facts, independent of man’s feelings, wishes, hopes or fears. 2. Reason (the faculty which identifies and integrates the material provided b...
Debating ArenaDebating Arena
The Debating Arena.  Bruised egos. Not bruised bodies.
NFL Debaters CollaborativeNFL Debaters Collaborative
This group is for high school debaters. We will collaborate on our cases, discuss the topics, exchange evidence, etc.
the God Squad!the God Squad!
"... an all kittehs kin be groed up kittehs noin bout Jebus an Ceiling Cat. Den weez not itteh bitteh babeh kittehs no moer, all fraid uf scairy noises nstuffs, an totly gulbal an lettin meen kittehs...
White PrideWhite Pride
It's not a racist group. It is just a place for white people to be proud of their race and talk about white things
DDO UsersDDO Users
For people who have an account on both DDO and Edeb8.
Personal-EDEB8 CommunePersonal-EDEB8 Commune
For those of you (like me) who want to be more personally close with other members.
Competitive Rock-Paper-Scissors LeagueCompetitive Rock-Paper-Scissors League
This is the competitive rock-paper-scissors league!Pretty simple game: scissors beats paper, paper beats rock, and rock beats scissors. To play, arrange a match on the league forums (click the tab abo...
True BelieversTrue Believers
This group is for Missionaries Spreading the Holy word of Mod to barren landsPraise be onto Chickadee!
Society of Christian ApologistsSociety of Christian Apologists
A community for people defending and advancing the Christian faith in the digital realm.
Debating ReligionDebating Religion
This a group for open minded atheists and theists to debate topics surrounding religion and epistemology.
Merchants Guild Merchants Guild
Edeb8's semi-official economics forum 
The Jewish Lawyers.The Jewish Lawyers.
Anyone can join except for Hitler and Stalin.Famous Members:- Saul Goodman- RXR- Drake (Rapper)- Barack Hussein Obama- Anne Frank
Christian FollowersChristian Followers
Promoting the christian faith.
United 4 Israel United 4 Israel
For anyone who is willing to stand up for Israel and her right to exist as a sovereign state.
Anti-Feminism EgalitariansAnti-Feminism Egalitarians
Hi, If you found this group it is most probably you are also against Third wave feminism (not all feminism, first and second wave were usefull) and also believe in human equality (not reaching it cuz ...
Reformed EpistemologistsReformed Epistemologists
We believe and defend that belief in God is a properly basic belief: it doesn't need to be inferred from other truths in order to be reasonable. We affirm modest foundationalism.
Global Command AuthorityGlobal Command Authority
All those who are military strategists and tacticians can join here.
Sports fanaticsSports fanatics
Sports. What else?
rocking debattersrocking debatters
The only thing we love is debatting..
Do you go to DDO? If so join this group.
Weeaboo and Otaku GroupWeeaboo and Otaku Group
Hajimimashite! This is a group all about being an otaku or a weeaboo. Wear the title with pride! Anyone who loves anime/manga/Japanese stuff in general may join. I will update the group with polls and...
Edeb8 Podcast GroupEdeb8 Podcast Group
A group for people to create an edeb8 podcast!
AAPS DebatersAAPS Debaters
This is the group of students from AAPS that love to debate! Join if you're from AAPS. You know who you are. (The group image is a joke!)
The ColonyThe Colony
The future will see colonization of space. This group is for everyone who has a significant interest in this topic. All beliefs in the topic are encouraged to join and share their vision for a interpl...
Sophosacrhy (rule by the wise) is an form of limited democracy that views voting as one of the highest and most vital responsibilities. As such, those that do not wish to take the responsibility ser...
Jifpop appreciation club Jifpop appreciation club
This group is about praising Jifpop!
The Leftist CollectiveThe Leftist Collective
This group is for true leftists (what the media likes to refer to as the "far left") of any stripe - socialists, Marxist-Leninists, anarchists, and any other believers of similar philosophies. It is m...
War Technologist future and nations identity War Technologist future and nations identity
Pure Filth. Pure Filth.
Nice guys finish last.
Zoosexuality is a sexual orientation which describes an exclusive or non-exclusive sexual attraction towards non-humans. It is also commonly known as zoophilia. Bestiality is the term for actual se...
Team Wood Team Wood
"Get On Board, or Get Run Over" 
DDO mebersDDO mebers
For DDO mebers
Pokémon is a great game and this group will show others that it is a nice game. I am aiming for a debate about this awesome game and this group is made for just that. Please join and make it fun!
Content on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and other information that may be relevant to digital assets
Red PoliticsRed Politics
This group is about debating political issues and leans more toward the Republican side of things.
Nega NebulusNega Nebulus
AVID Students @ AtlanticAVID Students @ Atlantic
Society for Practicing WiccansSociety for Practicing Wiccans
This group is dedicated for practicing Wiccans and those who wish to join the faith.  All are welcome, and blessed be!
Libertarian PilledLibertarian Pilled
Libertarianism. I don't really care if your left/right. I personally put personal rights and freedoms over specific beliefs/morals.
ScorpioS [Zodiac Society]ScorpioS [Zodiac Society]
This group is for the risk takers, bold, fearing, and adventurers. Any one can join.  Element:WaterQuality:FixedRulers:Mars PlutoSymbol:The ScorpionYour stone:TopazLinks to Understand a Scorpio:-...
ACCQ - Assemblée Constituante Citoyenne du Québec ACCQ - Assemblée Constituante Citoyenne du Québec
Nous, Constituantes et Constituants, nous nous engageons à promouvoir, à préparer et à exiger la convocation d’une Assemblée constituante non partisane, libre dans ses délibérations, et à to...
Featured Members EnclaveFeatured Members Enclave
IBCP @ AtlanticIBCP @ Atlantic
RainbowSerpent killersRainbowSerpent killers
We hunt and kill RainbowSerpents. they must be brought to extinction. There colorful scales are used to make pharmakeai potions.these must not be allowed to exist.Death to all RainbowSerpents