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BryanMEBSGuitarKirbyThat it should be criminal for a politician to lie
GuitarKirbyJKingShould abortion be legal?
crossedGuitarKirbylife is created intelegently
caelanGuitarKirbyThat banning books is justifiable
GuitarKirbyhomericpirateshipThat spanking should be considered child abuse
shyamjaxsnipeGuitarKirbyThat there should be no legislative controls on gun ownership
crossedGuitarKirbyThat we should keep the Sabbath as a day of rest
Michele GilbertiGuitarKirbyThe Judeo-Christian God Exists
GuitarKirbyamayaThat Gay Marriage should be legal
nzlockieGuitarKirbyThat development assistance should be prioritized over military aid in the Sahel region of Africa
NameOfTheUserGuitarKirbyThat GM-free nations should remain GM-free
miavvGuitarKirbyThat the internet has a damaging impact on society
GuitarKirbyGenericWhiteConservativeThat schools should not make any special allowances for any religion
GuitarKirbyNipun GorantlaThat restaurants should be required to provide nutritional information
YeshuaBoughtGuitarKirbyIs Jesus the God of the Bible?
vatsalGuitarKirbyPrivatisation of Education.
Odunitan DeborahGuitarKirbyEnglish is better than mathematics.
eric39esGuitarKirbyShould abortion be legalized universally?
GuitarKirbypxress. Single-sex Schools
GuitarKirbyMharmanThat terrorism is justifiable
Priyanshi AroraGuitarKirbyThat prisons should be privatised
Phos HalasGuitarKirbyThe Judeo-Christian God Exists
Undovic88GuitarKirbyThat workplaces are generally better off with uniforms
Millennial GuitarKirbyThat the gender wage gap is a myth
UzakeGuitarKirbyThat we should repatriate all illegal immigrants
GuitarKirbyPovskiThat the provision of Internet services should be a public utility
GuitarKirbyAlexa5279That polygamy should be legalised
Natasha17GuitarKirbyThat prisons should be privatised
CalebfizzelGuitarKirbyis torture justified when used for national security purposes?
Natasha17GuitarKirbyThat copyright law should not extend to the internet
GuitarKirbyPovskiThat democracy is the best form of government
GuitarKirbyd3b4t3thThat democracy is the best form of government
KillyRocketGuitarKirbyThat animal rights should be legally recognised
MinorichieGuitarKirbyThe Judeo-Christian God Exists