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That democracy is the best form of government

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GuitarKirbyGuitarKirby (PRO)
A thanks both to my opponent and the person(s) who chose to post this particular debate topic.

I find that the first thing to cause problems in most debates is the issue of definitions, so I'd like to clarify that I'm defending democracy as an idea, rather than a specific democracy in practice.

Democracy is a system used by almost all developed nations in one form or another. As an American citizen, on every level except the Federal, I have the privilege of dealing with a direct democracy, often considered democracy in its purest form. The idea of every citizen having equal power in deciding their leaders continues to be a revolutionary one. We fairly decide who is best to represent our beliefs and ideals, and our fellow citizen gets that same chance, with their voice carrying equal weight. This is the kind of democracy that is the best form of government.

In some ways, this is by default. What are our alternatives? Oligarchies only cede power to the rich, while working-class citizens are left in the dirt and grime with no real hope of escape, a modern form of serfdom. Autocracies and kingdoms have similar problems, with a focus of power being shifted from the people to those already in power, as has been seen time and time again throughout history. Republic systems place a barrier between the people and the government, as in the case in the presidential elections here in the USA, a system that has been criticized by our own citizens every time the loser of the popular vote has stepped into the office of POTUS. Do we turn to Communism? That system is claimed to give power to the people, yet they are required to give up the idea of their own property, stifling the idea of individual freedom. Socialism is a system that isn't necessarily opposed to democracy, only ceding more power to the people from the rich. Meritocracy is an excellent form of government that is also compatible with democracy, as those with some degree of merit will have a better chance of rising to lead the masses than those that don't.

It isn't just the merits of democracy that show it to be the superior form of government, but also the failures of alternative systems which have never been implemented in so successful and

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2018-03-31 16:07:23
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