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JohannessunbrightThat large scale immigration redistributes wealth(from the poor to the wealthy)
Johannestombos21@gmail.comcommunism is inevitable
ggalloverJohannesThat the government should not place any restrictions on free speech
JohannesBiofacticityThat pets do more good than harm
the_viperJohannesShould abortion be illegal
JohannesKohaiVeganism is unjustified
Johannest.lovableFree will does not exist
the_viperJohannesShould abortion be illegal?
JohannesCruelWorksGod can be proven real.
JohanneslifeofandyThat religion should be taught in schools
Johannespiotr skrzypThat religion should be taught in schools
Johannesxcalibur4ChristThat free trade does more harm than good
dpowell3543JohannesThat President Trump is a good President.
xcalibur4ChristJohannesAbortion should be extremely restricted
JohannesLily O’shaughnessyThat there should be a ban on pornography
LordeJohannesThat preventing climate change is futile
JohannesCarefulwiththatThat wearing the hijab in public should be banned
The_Giant69JohannesThat the government should provide free internet
CalebLoLJohannesThat there are more than two genders