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By JDSFDSFfsa | Sep 9 2014 7:37 PM
admin: Well, I think that the new design is pretty nice, though I think it should be more tab-like with the tabs on the left and the debate links on the right. Also, what do you think about the logo in the mockup?
By JDSFDSFfsa | Sep 9 2014 7:49 PM
admin: By the way, I made a new mockup,

By admin | Sep 9 2014 11:52 PM
JDSFDSFfsa: No need for img tags - it auto-displays all .jpg, .gif and .png files as an image.

I think the logo is OK but a little blurry, so might be hard to read for those with poor vision. I didn't design the current logo and will probably just rely on user submissions for that, so if you can isolate the logo and send me just that on a transparent background I'd give it a go.
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