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That we should ban all advertising which implies that addictive substances cannot be enjoyable

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MeshhMeshh (PRO)

The banning of certain advertisements that lead the viewer to believe that addictive substances cannot be enjoyed would benefit society due to multiple reasons. The first reason being the fact that many addictive substances are addictive because people enjoy them. I believe the problem with current advertisements is that they do not show how the substances in question can be enjoyable. Rather than that, they influence fear in people that are uneducated or inexperienced with the certain substances in question. This fear has very negative effects on those that are being exposed to these sorts of advertisements. One extremely negative effect on the people is that if they eventually decide to try using some of these substances they discover the enjoyable effects that they haven't heard about because current advertisements are only made to make people fear the substances. An opposing opinion that my debate partner may bring up is that if advertisements show the positive affects of substance use, people will start using said substances more. I find this useful because if the advertisements are made with the purpose of educating people on the substances they will include all information about the substances whether that information is good or bad. I find that including past users in the advertisements really gives the viewer a perception of how the substance may affect you. The users being portrayed in these advertisements should talk about how they really enjoyed the substance and that because of that they were blinded to the negative affects that the substance entails.

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2017-12-12 17:33:00
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MharmanMharman (CON)
 anti-drug commercials, that's the goal. Sure they may be enjoyable for a short time, but not in the long run. In addition, the have a constitutional right to imply it in their commercials under the First Amendment
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2017-12-19 14:31:30
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MeshhMeshh (PRO)
Although they're sending a positive message to most others might be conflicted if they use the drugs and are confused when the feelings they have are enjoyable because all of the advertisements have only spoken about how bad it is. Advertisements negatively talking about drugs overall hurts the users of it because rather than being scared of the substances they just become curious about them. 
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2017-12-19 14:34:31
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