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That companies should be allowed to operate private armies

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MharmanMharman (PRO)
This would cause so many needless wars over corporations arguing. Not to mention that militaries are for governments.
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2017-12-11 22:51:58
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MeshhMeshh (CON)

Business, the main source of economical growth in capitalist countries. Something that has come so far from the industrial revolution and commencement of mass production and machinery. One main aspect of business, security. Security is a big part of everything that has to do with unique ideas. Security against the stealing of said ideas and protection of security of business owned properties. Many businesses spend well over six figure amounts to keep their data secure. The main problem in today's society is cyber crime and theft of information via the internet. Maybe in the 1900's businesses should have been allowed to possess their own military because most of their information was stored in hard-back files. Today though, the mass majority of information is stored digitally. This deletes the need for a business owned army. It would never be put into use because the authorities provide the resources needed to protect those that are in danger.

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2017-12-11 23:45:47
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