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gavstone21camelCaseThat Louisiana should adopt creole as an official language
gavstone21CoRayThat condoms should be subsidised by the government
Raisa khangavstone21That all forms of abortion should be legal
e.kai20gavstone21That we should require companies to pay their interns
gavstone21adminThe state should be abolished
gavstone21KohaiThat fast food companies should not be allowed to sell toys with their mealsn
IAmReallyBadNoJokegavstone21Abortion should be legal
Bi0Hazardgavstone21That states should construct false historical narratives that promote social cohesion
gavstone21Bi0HazardComedy Debate
troy23gavstone21That poachers who kill endangered animals should be tried for murder
Leachygavstone21That schools should not make any special allowances for any religion
IncorrigiblePerspectivegavstone21That multiculturalism is superior to monoculturalism
IncorrigiblePerspectivegavstone21Is trump a racist
IncorrigiblePerspectivegavstone21Is Trump a racist