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9spacekingdpowell3543That the United States should decrease its military budget
Chasmdpowell3543That free trade does more harm than good
ccullen123dpowell3543That universal healthcare is worth the expense
crosseddpowell3543wormwood cures Malaria
maxitoutwriterdpowell3543That the use of drones in warfare should be condemned
dpowell3543huldah.nThat capitalism is superior to socialism
crosseddpowell3543Re: Prescription Medication is Poison.
crosseddpowell3543Prescription Medication is Poison.
kallistardpowell3543That a more globalized economy would net benefit indigenous cultures
dpowell3543MichaelHobertTheOnlyThat there should be a right to bear arms
Kingdpowell3543That the speed limit on roads should be abolished
Trokaneondpowell3543That the death penalty should be abolished globally
dpowell3543JohannesThat President Trump is a good President.