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devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat states should hold binding national referendums on major peace agreements
Tommy Dollmandevinator534 (DDO)That we should end all forms of affirmative action
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat parents should not involve their children in organised religion until they reach the age of 18
Tommy Dollmandevinator534 (DDO)That children should not be allowed out alone at night
LunaticFringedevinator534 (DDO)That women should be allowed into front-line combat roles
devinator534 (DDO)Tommy DollmanThat governments should control stock investments
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat education should be compulsory in the third world
devinator534 (DDO)Tommy DollmanThat mercury should be labelled as safe for general use
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat civil forfeiture is important in stopping crime
Tommy Dollmandevinator534 (DDO)That democracy is the best form of government
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat states should have the power of civil forfeiture
Tommy Dollmandevinator534 (DDO)That we should allow prisoners to volunteer for drug trials in exchange for lighter sentences
Tommy Dollmandevinator534 (DDO)That free immigration is a fundamentally good thing
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat constitutions should grant special recognition to minority groups
LunaticFringedevinator534 (DDO)That we should end all forms of affirmative action
devinator534 (DDO)Tommy DollmanThat there should be no legislative controls on gun ownership
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat vegetarianism is morally good
devinator534 (DDO)Tommy DollmanThat we should compel victims of rape to testify in court
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat GM-free nations should remain GM-free
Tommy Dollmandevinator534 (DDO)That we should stop all attempts to gather intelligence by deception and/or coercion of foreign citizens
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat police should exercise tolerance when working with cases involving BDSM culture
Tommy Dollmandevinator534 (DDO)That political leaders should be transparent about their personal health
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat internet anonymity is regrettable
Silamothdevinator534 (DDO)That feminism should celebrate unisex sports leagues
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat corporations should be allowed to vote
Silamothdevinator534 (DDO)That free trade does more harm than good
devinator534 (DDO)LunaticFringeThat the UN should institute an open borders policy among its member states
Silamothdevinator534 (DDO)That children are better off in a charter school than a public school
devinator534 (DDO)Brad EsterlineThat civil forfeiture is important in stopping crime
Brad Esterlinedevinator534 (DDO)Felons who have completed their sentence should be allowed to vote
Dp_16devinator534 (DDO)That children should not be allowed out alone at night
rippedpantsatberkelydevinator534 (DDO)The Kaziranga National Park is justified in allowing park rangers to shoot animal poachers in the park
lannan13devinator534 (DDO)That the United States should regret the Patriot Act