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Romaniilannan13That universal healthcare is worth the expense
RomaniiRXR.Scientists Should Research on String Theory
2001bhuRomaniiThat we should auction off the long term right to govern bankrupt cities for profit
RomaniiRXR.Abortion Should be Legal.
BlackflagRomaniiThat the United States should recognize Spanish as an official language
Silver CrowRomaniiMaking debates in Edeb8.com is better then making debates in DDO.
RomaniiBlackflagOn balance, allowing civilians to own guns is detrimental to society
Arjun MaharRomaniiThat we should strike before North Korea does
olive 2RomaniiThe Word of God are the only basis of Human Existence.
RomaniiadminThat torture should never be used by the government
AglardiaRomaniiThat the death penalty should be abolished globally
BlackflagRomaniiThat governments should only test drugs for safety, not effectiveness, before approving them for the public
BlackflagRomaniiThat squatting in abandoned buildings should be legal
Romanii9spacekingThat the state should provide incentives for individuals to buy local