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Phos HalasadminThis house believes college safe spaces are absurd
Phos HalasAcerAbortion is morally evil and should be outlawed
Phos Halastombos21@gmail.comThere are only two genders
Phos HalasAcerThe loch ness monster more than likely exists. (change my mind)
nameachePhos Halasatheism
Vamsi KrishnaPhos HalasThe Bible is missing books
nzlockiePhos HalasSocietal convention does not demand one to say “excuse me” when in a cubicle within a public restroom.
Phos HalasnzlockieJesus of Nazareth rose from the dead
Aar7743Phos HalasThe rapture is post trib
ZRTX Phos HalasThe Right to Abort
Phos HalasnerdgeekHistoric Christianity has always affirmed the Deity of Christ
Phos HalasIVK23LEGITThe God of the Bible is a Trinity
Phos HalasRandom personIs there a god or intelligent designer?
Phos HalasPovskiJesus of Nazareth existed.
Phos HalasGuitarKirbyThe Judeo-Christian God Exists