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AcerNatasha17That governments should pump money into banks during recession
Natasha17AcerAbortion should be criminalized with no exeptions
Natasha17boOonjThat all forms of education should be free
Natasha17tvh_That the use of technology in schools deepens the divide between rich and poor
tvh_Natasha17That Linux-based operating systems are generally inferior to their competiton
thetruthalwaysprevailsNatasha17Islam is the truth
Natasha17ellieo321That judges should be elected
Natasha17AcerThat music with obscene lyrics should be censored
ellieo321Natasha17should death penalties be illegal?
Natasha17CalebfizzelThat fast food companies should not be allowed to sell toys with their meals
Natasha17Penrose stairsThat all forms of education should be free
Natasha17EmalekThat the internet has a damaging impact on society
Natasha17GuitarKirbyThat prisons should be privatised
CalebfizzelNatasha17should the death penalty be allowed
Natasha17GuitarKirbyThat copyright law should not extend to the internet
My Duo Partners Lettuce HatNatasha17The USA should set price limits for prescription drugs and medical care
Natasha17My Duo Partners Lettuce HatThat the speed limit on roads should be abolished
PovskiNatasha17That Antarctica should be colonized for resource extraction
Natasha17factandevidence1234Science Serves an Amazing Purpose in Life