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Penrose stairsIncorrigiblePerspectiveThat homeschooling as a form of alternative education should be abolished
IncorrigiblePerspectiveDebatingAngelšŸ˜ƒThat recycling certain types of rubbish should be mandatory
DebatingAngelIncorrigiblePerspectiveFeminism is not a movement for equality at all
IncorrigiblePerspectiveAb_MThat polygamy should be legalised
Pankaj SinghIncorrigiblePerspectiveThat we should stop all attempts to gather intelligence by deception and/or coercion of foreign citizens
IncorrigiblePerspectivegavstone21That multiculturalism is superior to monoculturalism
IncorrigiblePerspectivegavstone21Is trump a racist
BifurcationsIncorrigiblePerspectiveThat prisoners should be allowed to choose death over a life sentence
IncorrigiblePerspectivegavstone21Is Trump a racist
IncorrigiblePerspectiveKetuvimThat we should accept all refugees
cammy21639IncorrigiblePerspectiveShould the UK leave the EU?
IncorrigiblePerspectiveLord FarnyThat America would become an international joke should Trump win the presidency.
IncorrigiblePerspectivelannan13That art museums should be financed by the state
IncorrigiblePerspectiveGolfer15That the use of drones in warfare should be condemned
IncorrigiblePerspectiveHomer Simpson-GriffinsThat animal rights should be legally recognised
IncorrigiblePerspectivegenesis01That Palestine should be considered a state
Golfer15IncorrigiblePerspectiveIs American a Force for Good on the global stage today?