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General rules for random debates

Random debates are automatic challenges put out by the site. The topic is taken from our ever-changing database of fair topics, often based on recent tournament topics (see the list here). They exist so you can be inspired to take a stand on some tough, relevant topics.

Because of their randomised nature they attract debaters of a wide variety of backgrounds. There is therefore as little formal structure as possible within the parameters of the rules. Anything not specifically covered here or in the rules must be considered leniently by voters. In particular, there are no restrictions on permissible arguments, permissible structure or sources (outside of Edeb8 site-wide rules).

However, the following general rules do apply:
Rules last updated 23/4/13. There are no prior versions of these rules.

Got something to say about these rules? Add your comment below. We want to make this as useful as possible for everyone, so would welcome any contribution.

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