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Australs Topic Selection

This is a means of working out a topic designed for tournaments. It is in use in the WODC and other formats.

The director will then advise both parties of the topic using this format:

The aim of this system is to increase overall fairness, efficiency and balance individual topic preferences with pre-set topics. It is most famously used in the second-largest international tournament, the Australasian championships.

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devinator534 (DDO)Comment posted by devinator534 (DDO)
2016-07-28 14:24:21
Where are we putting the 1-3 voting? Email? Or will the selection be provided on site?
adminComment posted by admin
2016-07-28 14:27:57
Will be provided (similar to previous years). You'll get an on-site message explaining that stuff.
TejreticsComment posted by Tejretics
2016-07-31 12:27:39
"If both picked the same #1 but picked #1 and #2 in the opposite order, a coin is tossed between those two topics."

If both picked the same #1, how could they have picked #1 and #2 in the opposite order?
adminComment posted by admin
2016-07-31 12:29:48
Sorry, should read if both picked the same #3. If both picked the same #1 then obviously that one is debated.