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EDEB8.com makes all kinds of tools available for you to protect your privacy, such as blocking other members or limiting who can see your profile details. It is expected that you use these features to protect yourself. Ultimately, privacy on the site is your responsibility. Be very aware that information posted in debates and in forums is PUBLIC INFORMATION which can be seen by ANYONE (blocked members are only blocked while they are logged in; even if they can't contact you they can still see all your public information by simply logging out).

While we aim to keep the site child-friendly at all times, some topics are very sensitive and as such parental guidance is advised. Despite our aim being to keep this site open and friendly, parents should be mindful of the fact that while this site's content policies prohibit explicit material, such content may take time to moderate. There is no guarentee that such content will not be on this site at any given point in time, although reasonable efforts will be made to remove it quickly. Children are specifically prohibited from revealing any personally identifiable information about themselves on this website without the permission of their legal guardians.

This site contains links to other websites, which may have different privacy policies which we are not responsible for.

We may occasionally use cookies to help you on the site (although we avoid doing this). To opt out of these, simply disable cookies in your web browser. Some nifty features may not work if you do this.

Aside from information you provide to us, we collect your IP address and some general, non-personally identifiable information (such as which web browser you use) via Google Analytics. Such information is never shared with any third parties. We use it only for the purposes of improving our service and measuring general site usage trends.

Your private information really is private on this site. Nobody else has access to any details that you do not expose publically on the site, other than site staff for the express purpose of helping you with your account. We specifically hate spam and will do everything we can to make sure no spam you get comes through us. You can opt out of any and all emails from edeb8 using your settings page. Any use of our site for spamming is a violation of our Terms and Conditions. The only other time you'll ever get an email from us is if you request one (for example, if you forget your password) or if there is a critical issue concerning your account (for example, if there has been a serious allegation made against you and you do not respond to messages on the site).

With regards specifically to information made available to the site about you via third parties (generally this will only be via social sign-on), such information is only used for purposes you have specifically requested (ie the creation or authentication of your account). You can safely hide any information you provide to the site through your privacy settings, or by deactivating your account.