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Difference between Community/Permissive judging?

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By Systematic_Chaos | Aug 30 2018 4:09 AM
Hi All,

Can someone explain to me the difference between the two judging options? I've read the descriptions under the Resources, but I'm still having trouble understanding. I'm new to the site and have not done online debates before, if you of course don't count Facebook debates :) .

By nzlockie | Aug 30 2018 7:05 AM
Systematic_Chaos: Hi!
Basically what it boils down to is that there are objective standards that a Community Standard judgement has to adhere to. If it fails to adhere to that, the debaters can request that the judgement be removed.
Permissive Standards, mean that the only way a judgement can be removed is if it breaches the terms of the site, for example, if they write it in a language other than English.

In practice, people almost always use the default community standard. It’s unusual for a judgement to be requested to be removed though. People here don’t usually care about their ELO scores.
Usually the judge is just marked down as a vote bomb.

There is a third standard known as the DDO standard. It’s pretty dumb and is based on the seven point score card used on the Debate.org website.
I don’t know anyone that uses it here.

Hope that helps!
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By nzlockie | Aug 30 2018 7:16 AM
Please don’t let this put you off judging. You should go judge some debates right now. It’ll help you think about formal debate which will help you actually do formal debate.

Basically the main thing to do to make a good judgement is only consider points there were brought up by the debaters. You shouldn’t use this as a chance to give your own opinion on the subject. Try to stay as objective as possible.
Who made the better points? Who communicated more clearly? Did PRO meet their burden of proof?

On Edeb8 there are no draws so you must pick a winner. If both parties end up with the same points, CON wins since PRO almost always carries the burden of proof. That means that it’s PRO’s job to convince you that the resolution is true, CON has to either convince you it’s false, or just negate PROs arguments. You can’t generally PROVE a negative which is why CON doesn’t necessarily have the same BOP as PRO.
By Systematic_Chaos | Aug 31 2018 3:35 AM
Thanks nzlockie for your response! It seems the Community Standard may be the way to go. I did notice however when clicking the button to start a debate for me that Permissive is the default, not Community.

Also, I'm wondering, how often does a debate go unjudged? I notice there are some debates that go all the way to the end but never get judged. It seems like this would be perhaps seen as not a good use of time, especially if one is PRO. I'm just wondering about committing to doing debates on this site if there is a good chance there won't be much actual judgment and feedback.
By nzlockie | Aug 31 2018 8:33 AM
Systematic_Chaos: Yeah look it’s tricky to say. This site frustrates me. It’s easily the best, (I’d say the ONLY) site to do proper debate, but without a regular member base, judgments tend to be a bit hit and miss.

It’s not common to get NO judgements, but it’s totally common to only get one or two judgements.
It’d be great if there were more people here, but unfortunately, I think there’s a bit of a stigma or something about us.
I like that that means we don’t get any drama, but it sucks when there’s nobody to actually debate with.
By Systematic_Chaos | Aug 31 2018 4:03 PM
nzlockie: That's good that you will at least get some judgment so it wouldn't feel like a waste.

Also, any word on admin and his status? I'm also worried that this site may slowly die over time with his absence if he hasn't shown up in awhile. The site is still functioning ok it seems, but any idea of he's lost interest or just busy and coming back soon?
By nzlockie | Aug 31 2018 7:09 PM
Systematic_Chaos: Yes I tracked him down the other day and made sure he was still alive.
He is really busy with study this year, but I expect he'll be back at some point.

At least I have his number now so I van always get him if things get really dire.