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Black Lives Matter,

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By Abdelbenakki | Aug 3 2018 11:03 PM
Is the Black Lives Matter movement valid and should acknowledge a civil rights issue?
By admin | Jan 6 2019 11:42 AM
Abdelbenakki: How can a movement not be valid?
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By KatieBoots | Apr 20 2021 12:06 AM
Abdelbenakki: Yes the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement is, most certainly, valid for many reasons! First of all black people (in America and other western nations) have been treated in an appalling manner by racist groups; Secondly, in this day and new age of "progress" and intolerance of senseless discrimination on the basis of colour, creed and/or nationality, such discrimination should be illegalised and OPENLY criticised; Any type of discrimination is based on fear and intolerance and the recipients of such discrimination are often made to feel unfairly treated until such prejudices are STOPPED. Discrimination should NEVER be tolerated as it builds RESENTMENT and ANGER in minority groups who are the subject of racial (or other) slurs which attacks who they ARE as people! People who are racist are often uneducated, insular, not widely travelled and/or come from families who are uneducated and insular. It is imperative for parents to TEACH their children to be tolerant of others and to APPRECIATE the interesting diversity of our world. The more diversity = the richer our lives become with a wide mix of viewpoints, an interesting tapestry of diversity and a variety of cultures/religions and belief systems that make the world a far more interesting place!