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That free immigration is a fundamentally good thing

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Free Immigration is a good thing for most people in the world. Most of these people have postulated this and in fact immigration is “Free movement of labour.” According to the World Bank, international migration helps to enlarge word GDP; this is because it allows people to move to where they are most comfortable. For these reasons Immigration is good thing. Immigration is also good for innovation for reasons as follows:

· Without Immigration companies like PayPal, Uber and tesla wouldn’t exist. And about 40 other billion-dollar American companies would never have been founded, either.51% of billion dollar companies in the USA have come from immigrants. In addition it is not just the founders 70% of keys roles like management in billion dollar companies are immigrants.

· Most immigrant business founders entered the USA on student visas. A popular way for these immigrant founders and other bright innovators to enter the USA is on a student visa. In fact, about half of unicorn founders entered the country on student visas. For example, David Hindaw, founder of Tanium, was born in Iraq and lived in Israel before coming to study at U.C.-Berkeley. And Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla and PayPal, was born in South Africa, and entered the USA from Canada to study at the University of Pennsylvania. And the Collison brothers, co-founders of Stripe, came from Ireland to study at MIT and Harvard.

· About 33,000 permanent jobs have been created by founders not born in the USA

Companies founded by immigrants have not just added money to the economy, they also have created a ton of jobs.

About 33,000 permanent new jobs have been created just by 40 of these billion-dollar companies. This does not take into account all the jobs that have been created by serial entrepreneurs and investors like Elon Musk at Tesla, PayPal and SolarCity, or the 160,000+ temporary jobs that have been created by Garrett Camp at Uber, as well.

· Even if immigrants do not have advanced degrees, they are still highly educated

A commonly touted stigma is that many immigrants are uneducated, but that is completely untrue. Many foreign-born people are just as educated, or even more educated, than their American-born colleagues.

When it comes to Americans with a bachelor’s degree, the population of graduates born outside of the USA trail the American-born population by only 1%. In fact, 33% of the population over the age of 25 born in America have a bachelor’s degree, while 32% of foreign-born people in the same age group do.The situation is swapped for advanced degrees: 12% of the American-born population over the age of 25 have an advanced degree, while 13% of the population outside of the USA in the same age group have one

In 2016, all six Nobel Prize winners for America were people who were born outside of the USA. And since 2000, about 40% of all Nobel Prize winners have been people born outside of the USA.

In conclusion free immigration is fundamentally a good thing because it leads into a increase in GDP and money in countries. Also it leads to more high power jobs for people and more specialties in areas like medical facilities.  

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2018-09-25 18:05:25
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asadc21138asadc21138 (CON)
Free Immigration is a poor thing you see the immigration process is so long to get into the USA. Just the application it's self takes six months so why not just pay for it. I mean people snuck into the U.s a lot just to get into this country if this country is worth doing that then why not pay for it, it will make it go bye faster and then the U.S government will know how badly people want to get into this state and the U.S will have more money to. build housing for these family's till they can get up and about. They can higher good teachers so that the parents the kids can get a good education. Now I'm not saying that it should cost them a thousand dollars per person because the people fleeing into this country are probably doing it for a reason and need it to happen as quickly as possible I am saying that it should cost them about $300 dollars it's not to much. That's why I think that immigration should not be free.
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2018-09-29 16:30:30
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