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That fast food companies should not be allowed to sell toys with their meals

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Previous Judgments

2018-05-15 08:47:06
nzlockieJudge: nzlockie    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: Natasha17
2018-05-18 14:49:48
MharmanJudge: Mharman    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: Natasha17
Natasha17 was the only one to make an argument.

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2018-05-25 02:11:28
TylerAustin8956Judge: TylerAustin8956
Win awarded to: Natasha17
I agree with Natasha17, the promotion of unhealthy eating should not be allowed. If anything, a toy with a meal should include some sort of healthy food. I understand that it's a way to make more money, but I feel that the amount of people with diabetes would increase sharply. We would want to avoid this.
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2018-05-27 16:59:26
GuitarKirbyJudge: GuitarKirby
Win awarded to: Natasha17
No discussion from Con, so Pro gets an automatic win. Please remember to post on all debates, folks!

Con, keep an eye on those time limits, they hit faster than you think. If the time slots are too tight, consider leaving the debate for someone with more free time.
Pro, be glad that your opponent didn't post. A one sentence opening with no statistical backing of any kind is a very risky way to open a debate.
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  • 3 rounds
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