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That universal healthcare is worth the expense

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rae3000rae3000 (PRO)
I feel that universal healthcare is worth the expense as i feel that everyone deserves the right to be treated for an illness or injury. I think that not being treated for someone that is painful or life threatening is beyond a joke. An example of this is that women in certain poorer countries die from not being able to afford a journey to the hospital and even then there are not enough hospital staff due to doctors moving to work in richer countries for more pay. 
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2018-03-22 22:57:39
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CringeAtTheWorldCringeAtTheWorld (CON)
The problem with universal healthcare is that it leads to abuse. You have people going to the hospital or to their family doctors with incredibly minor illnesses. You have people going to the hospital's emergency room with a common cold and infecting everyone in the waiting room rather than staying home, resting, and drinking lots of fluids. This puts a huge strain on the healthcare system, including doctors, hospital staff, and legitimate patients. This strain leads to exhausted doctors who probably don't examine every patient as carefully as they should. This brings me to my next point. These doctors have no competition. This reduces the average salary of the doctors since the hospitals don't have to be competitive. So generally, the doctors are underpaid and overworked leading them out of the country. It's easy to see how this results in a shortage of doctors and healthcare professionals. This means that if you want to sign up for a family doctor, the waiting list is anywhere from 6 months to 2 years; once you have a family doctor, you can expect an appointment to be scheduled for months down the road. At which point you will visit a doctor who cuts corners and is part of a healthcare system with no incentive to create better medicine. Universal healthcare, a.k.a. free healthcare, has another major problem. It's not free. Nothing is ever free. The amount of money citizens pay for these sub-par services may not be an upfront out-of-pocket expense but rather in the form of taxes. Let's face it. Who pays for universal healthcare? The government. Who pays for the government? The taxpayer. Universal healthcare is a mismanaged, uncompetitive system with incompetent doctors under the guise of gratuity.
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2018-03-23 14:21:07
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