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That private charity is superior to government welfare

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i can't afford video debate but i can give you points without it.
- private charity being in government welfare makes it a private charity and it has advantage
1. still made difference,
2.create legacy
3tax deduction
4gift tax
5personal satisfaction
6l. Control over how money is spent is often an issue. With private foundations,
the donor retains full control. Control extends to all aspects of a foundation: the name; who is on the
board; when, how, and to whom the money is donated; how the money is invested; and the choice of
the bank or institution that will actually hold the funds.
7 Tax Incentives. Since 1913, when the Sixteenth Amendment introduced the income tax, Americans
have found themselves with financial incentives for charity. When the estate tax was introduced three
years later, more incentives for charitable donations were created. Although tax rates change – rising
and falling with the political tide – the one perfectly legal, actively encouraged way to save on taxes has
been to contribute to charity.

i got no intention in this debate, charities are not trustable you don't know what they do to the money. some are true but corruptions are high chances, government can control it for themselves. it's better if I handle my own money and give it personally. of all so many charities in the world, poverty is still high in the earth,poor got more population than those who are rich.

Posted 2017-12-25 12:28:28

this is incompatible, I am going to search for another, pardon
Posted 2017-12-25 06:44:53
Dear debate mate, the video I sent you speak about how government welfare interfere with private charity and private charity can't stop it telling the disadvantage of the government causes instead of a help , making people's money spend to the government's pocket making it more impossible to end poverty and the video give points about socialism found in private charity and it's burden and the disadvantage points out the situation of private charity being under itself.

note:I don't have youtube account, I'll make such next year and not today for some legal reasons. welcome to the site. thank you for accepting the debate.
Posted 2017-12-25 06:42:10
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