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That Facebook should allow children of any age to have a Facebook profile

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HamzantalHamzantal (PRO)

Facebook: Facebook is an American for-profit corporation and an online social media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California.

Now that I have defined what Facebook is, I believe that anyone should be able to use facebook at any age.

Yes, of course, kids are at risk of both being bullied and of bullying others . . . But the important thing to realise here is that Facebook is only an arena for bullying, like the school lunch hall or the playground. No one is trying to ban under-13s from those places. Even after they turn 13, they can still be bullied online. I don't see the difference in why they should be banned. It's a website for people to meet each other, and there's nothing wrong with meeting people if you just aren't 13 years old! Some fear that the children are prey for paedophiles, advertisers and other baddies on Facebook: again, does the travel alone, or go to a shopping centre without you? For me, I walk to school every single day. If you teach them the proper rules to stay safe, there shouldn't be anything wrong with doing that. 

Facebook is what life is about, which is connecting with others. When children are young, we supervise them: as they get older, we trust them to connect without us around all the time. And what Facebook does is teach our kids a language that will undoubtedly be crucial to their future: because today's children are going to be interacting online with friends and, in the future, business colleagues and customers, for the rest of their lives. Why, when we're trying to educate them in useful skills on other fronts, hold them back on this one?

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2017-05-22 03:27:15
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