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That comparing modern Israel to the Holocaust is counter-productive in critiquing modern Israel

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DethKnotDethKnot (PRO)
Before delving into the pros of this topic, it is important to go into the background of the modern state of Israel. The ideology of Zionism, that is, the movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, was formed in response to Jewish persecution in Europe over the past 1,500 years. With the advent of the World War II, which resulted in the loss of over 6 million Jewish lives and destruction of many of Europe's Jewish communities, the need for a Jewish state became more pertinent than ever, paving the way for the establishment of modern Israel. 
That being said, it is quite ironic to compare modern Israel to the Holocaust. As mentioned before, the Holocaust was the very mechanism that allowed for the establishment of Israel and enabled the Jewish people to have a secure land to call their own. In fact, the Holocaust is the antithesis of modern Israel. The former was aimed at the destruction and decimation of world Jewry, whereas the latter has allowed for the growth and strengthening of Judaism. 
Modern Israel does indeed have its flaws and shortcomings, but in no way does the country compare to the atrocities of Nazi Germany during World War II. The Holocaust's persecution was not limited to only the Jews, but affected other minorities, such as the homosexual and gypsy communities in Europe. These minorities were rounded up and imprisoned in labor and death camps, where they were subjected to slave labor, human experimentation and ultimately brutal murders in gas chambers or mass shootings. Israel, while it does have issues with its Palestinian neighbors in the West Bank and Gaza, has never treated these people in a manner remotely similar to the horrors of the Holocaust.  
The Israeli government and much of its population comes from the ashes of the Jewish communities of Europe after the Holocaust. Keeping this background in mind, modern Israel can and does look to the errors of the past in an effort to carry itself forward without repeating the mistakes of the past. Therefore, I resolve that when critiquing modern Israel, it is quite counter-productive to compare a country founded by victims of the Holocaust as a haven for world Jewry, to the Holocaust, a genocide aimed at destroying Judaism. 

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2017-04-22 17:12:22
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How did I get signed up these debates??? Is it part of a tournoment??
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