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promoting international solidarity and implementation and achievement of third generation rights

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sir king debatesir king debate (PRO)
It is because ... that I affirm the resolution, "promoting international solidarity and implementation and achievement of third generation rights". 

First, the affirmative would like to define the following terms in order to clarify the ground of this debate. Merriam-Webster defines "promote" as, "to contribute to the growth or prosperity of". Merriam-Webster defines "international" as "active, known, or reaching beyond national boundaries". Merriam-Webster defines "solidarity" as "unity (as of a group or class) that produces or is based on community of interests, objectives, and standards". Merriam-Webster defines "implementation" as "an article serving to equip". Merriam-Webster defines "achievement" as "a result gained by effort : accomplishment". Irwin Law defines "third generation rights" as A broadly defined category of human rights corresponding primarily to rights of a collective or communal nature, such as rights to a healthy environment, economic development, self-determination, etc."

The affirmative burden in this debate is that through the contribution and spread of these rights, then the whole community will agree, equip, and receive an accomplishment worldwide. The negative burden is to prove that by not contributing and spreading the rights, the whole community will be able to agree, equip a ban, and not receive a consequence worldwide. 

Let us observe that the 3 laws that will be looked at in today's debate will be healthy environment, economic development, self-determination. 

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2017-11-08 01:07:57
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