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is animal testing justified?

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Just trying to have funJust trying to have fun (PRO)
Animal testing is not justified at all because although animals are unable to verbally object to torture, they experience it the same as anyone else does. All animals can feel pain, and for all animals, pain is not a desirable feeling. Humans get feelings of power out of testing on animals, but if the animals could talk, it would be far harder to inflict such atrocities. For this reason I feel it necessary to quote Theodore Geisel, "I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues." We must stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves in order to preserve our humanity. Without it we become monsters, no better the terrible men who we learn about in History.
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2018-04-28 00:26:50
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CalebfizzelCalebfizzel (CON)
animal testing doesnt exactly mean torture 
animal testing:  the use of animals in experiments seeking to control the variable that affect the behavior or biological system under study  
torture: the act of inflicting severe pain on someone for punishment or to say something 
how did we discover most things that we know today? animal testing  
DNA was discovered through animal testing  evolution was tested and discovered by darwin by observing animals is it not ok that he watches the animals what if they dont like being watched?   my point is animal testing is not torture often times the most pain is blood draws for DNA tests or to test medicines FOR animals to help prevent sickness in the majority of them  disection only occurs when there dead so its not like were cutting them up when there alive  we cut off a chickens head for food  we shoot cows in the head for butchering we hunt deers turkey birds and many more animals for fun. fish feel pain when they bite a hook.. but are these activities bad? no in fact there often encouraged so we can kill animals for food and fun but not test on them for specific research purposes often resulting in the good of the majority.  "humans get feelings of power by testing on animals"  this statement makes no sense not every human is dr mengele (doctor who tested and tortured jewish humans in ww2) we dont feel power by observing and testing on living things. 
theodore geisel also known as dr seuss was a living genius he was an awesome guy creating many article comments and political cartoons basing off of his theories and what he believes so i have no argument to this statement  torturing animals is wrong and possibly a trait to serial killers.. but testing on them for pure research and a destination to knowledge that cant be wrong! 

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2018-04-28 01:13:30
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Just trying to have funJust trying to have fun (PRO)
Actually, I believe that hunting animals for fun is actually a terrible dead. You are taking the most valuable thing from an organism for your pleasure. Also, killing animals to eat gives us food which is necessary for human society, and I attempt to eat the meat with the smallest carbon footprint and that have not been mistreated. Animal testing when it involves inflicting pain is inhumane.
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2018-04-28 01:26:57
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CalebfizzelCalebfizzel (CON)
animal testing that inflicts pain is illegal and known as animal cruelty and not aloud  hunting is a sport that has happened for centuries and is not about to be ruled bad because it is good it provides food sport and helps population stay in check  as long as it is done with respect it is good  but that is off task to stay on task i believe that animal testing is a justified thing and often times is needed for things such as vaccines the vaccines that keep disease from outbreak among humans is often tested on animals is that wrong should we test them on humans?  honestly id rather a rabbit a squirrel mouse dog whatever the tests be on  id rather an animal die from a failed test of some sort then a human and the tests have to be on something so if there is a problem with animal testing  do you have a solution to the problems that would be caused if it stopped?

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2018-04-28 03:37:59
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Just trying to have funJust trying to have fun (PRO)
Honestly, I am unable to post a response to your "argument" because I was unable to understand what you were saying. The lack of grammar and punctuation made it very confusing. Also, I do not believe that you have made a single point for your topic, only points against my argument.
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2018-04-28 11:33:40
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They also continued to personally attack CFizzel
Posted 2018-05-02 13:49:42
How did “just trying to win” win? They argued the wrong side....
Posted 2018-05-02 13:48:45
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