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edge is the awesomest awesome aswesome ever

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nzlockienzlockie (CON)
I'd like to thank my opponent for setting this debate up.
Since he hasn't set up any definitions for the motion, I'd like to do so now.

"Edge" shall refer to my opponent, Edgeawesome776. I'm pretty sure this was his initial intention.

"Awesomest" is obviously not actually a word, but given the delightfully colloquial nature of the resolution, shall be taken to mean, "the MOST awesome".

"Awesome" is a second adjective in the resolution and will actually carry its standard modern definition of something which is "great, terrific, really really neat."

"Aswesome" is presumed to be a misspelling of the word, "Awesome" - here being used as a noun. Using adjectives as nouns is a fairly hip trend these days, and my opponent certainly presents a strong opening case here that he belongs among the ranks of the "Awesome". But is he the AWESOMEST Awesome? Only time will tell.

"ever" opens the contest for Awesomeness up to candidates from throughout the ages. A bold claim, and one that does not lack confidence.

To sum up, the resolution is therefore that my opponent, Edgeawesome776 is, in fact, the MOST awesome, awesome Awesome EVER.

As the CON side of the debate, my role will be to cast doubt on his claim. With no actual evidence to rebut due to a first round forfeit, I will open my case by presenting several candidates for comparison. There can, by definition, only be ONE Most Awesome Awesome ever, so clearly all of these candidates can't be the most awesome, but I think you will agree that all of them are more awesome than my opponent has thus far demonstrated himself to be.

Candidate 1: My Nana
Reasons she is more awesome:
a) She is 94 years old and counting. Awesome longevity and the ability to count - something my opponent has not been proven to do.
b) In 1931, the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand experienced our country's most devastating earthquake. A significant portion of sea was turned into land, and Island became a hill, and more than 250 people died. My Nana was 12 years old at the time and at school near Napier. After the quake, with the city in ruins and the landscape literally changed, she rode her horse alone 17 miles across unfamiliar countryside back to her family farm. When she got there, she tended to the cows, and then started making a batch of scones because she knew there would be a food shortage in town. Pretty Awesome.
c) She was a regional champion sprinter til she was about 18.
d) She's outlived 2 husbands so far. Awesome. Handling life like a boss.
e) My Nana can spell, "awesome".

Candidate 2:The Beer Hat
This awesome invention allows the wearer to continue to do stuff with their hands whilst simultaneously drinking a beverage attached to the hat. This can be done from a sitting position, or even while walking. The Beer Hat is capable of holding two cans of whatever beverage the wearer desires. Edgeawesome776 is also capable of holding two cans of beverage but there is only one of him, whereas the Beer Hat has been manufactured so many times that any of us could own one if we wanted. Plus it doesn't need food, sleep or reassurances of its own awesomeness.

Candidate 3: A Banana
a) More than 100 billion bananas are eaten every year, making it the 4th most popular agricultural product in the world. Edgeawesome776is not the 4th most popular anything.
b)On average, each Banana hand has between 10and 20 fingers. On average, each of Edgeawesome776's hands has 5 fingers.
c)Bananas have no fat and no cholesterol. They raise your serotonin, literally making you happier.
d) More songs have been written about Bananas than any other fruit... including edgeawesome776.
e) Rubbing a banana peel on your forehead can fix a headache. Awesome.

So to sum up, edgeawesome776 can't possibly be the MOST awesome Awesome ever, unless he can prove himself more awesome than a Banana, the Beer Hat and my Nana.

I look forward to his next round!

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2014-01-01 20:24:38
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nzlockienzlockie (CON)
Hmmm, my opponent makes a compelling statement with another forfeit. I'm a little nervous he is setting up for a dramatic finish in the final round so I will submit another contender for not-necessarily-the-MOST-awesome-Awesome-but-still-more-awesome-than-edge: My Sharpie Twin!

(You can see it here: http://www.sharpie.com/enPH/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?pid=SharpieTwinTipPermanentMarker(Sharpie%20Catalog))

This is my favourite permanent marker. Definately an awesome Awesome.

1. It's a Sharpie. Sharpie make quality markers. Even their whiteboard markers are premium, but their permanent ones set the benchmark for pen excellence. The ink quality is good, and most importantly the tip strength is sound, meaning that the ink doesn't dry out or discolour over time. Sharpie have demonstrated time and time again that they know how to make a quality product and the Twin is no exception. It's actually their finest creation. (And, YES, I'm including the Retractable Fine Tip Permanent Marker in that!)

2. It has a Fine tip at one end. The Sharpie Fine tip was a revolution for markers everywhere. The construction of the tip and the angles used created a model that has been copied countless times by multiple manufacturers, but none have acheived the perfection of the original. The line produced has been scientifically proven, (by a study I can't find) to be the exact optimal width for awesomeness.
The tip is structurally strong, allowing for different degrees of downward pressure whilst maintaining its integrity.
As mentioned earlier, the tip has been constructed to create a perfect seal with the container, meaning that the ink quality is not compromised.

3. It has an UltraFine tip. The Ultra Fine tip is an entirely different construction to the conventional Fine tip. The material used is solid and square ended allowing for a nice reassuring writing action. Unlike many other tips of a similar design, the Sharpie doesn't suffer from the classic uneven distribution of ink. You don't get ink blotches or missed sections with this tip.
I find myself completely mystified when using this tip, as I simply can't explain how it writes so perfectly... and yet it does! Time after time! Amazing.

4. It has two tips IN ONE PEN! This is amazing. You simply uncap the end with the tip you are wanting to use, then recap and flip to access the other tip - it's an idea perfect in it's simplicity.
The Sharpie twin is perfect for labelling CDs. You use the Fine tip for the title, then use the UltraFine for the track listing. The finished result has the title standing out and catching the eye, while the individual track listing is still clear and easy to read. Awesome.

The Sharpie Twin must certainly be a final contender for the most awesome Awesome. At the very least it is more awesome than my opponent has thus far demonstrated himself to be...

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2014-01-05 06:39:04
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nzlockienzlockie (CON)
OK, well unlike my opponent I have contested three rounds of this debate. I have presented 4 separate Awesomes and proposed that each of them are more awesome than my opponent. If he can not prove himself to be more awesome than ALL of them logic dictates that he can't possibly be the MOST awesome Awesome.

As it has happened, he has been unable to prove himself more awesome than even one of my contenders - therefore I urge you to vote CON to this resolution.

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2014-01-08 13:23:22
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Previous Judgments

2014-01-08 13:33:21
adminJudge: admin    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: nzlockie
Pro was too cool for this debate. As the debater with the burden of proof, pro did not present an argument at all, and con didn't need to in order to win. Notwithstanding that, however, con presented a number of arguments against the resolution that were decently well thought out and clever. He used good structure and had clear analysis throughout. Pro also tried to win on his rule (other side must lose) which is a clear conduct issue.

For pro, saying anything at all ("I like pie") is better than saying nothing at all. That way at least some voter who reads too much into your argument might accidentally vote for you.

For con, I'd have called him out on his rule. You presented your case clearly and in good humor, which was great. I would have gone into a little less depth about your sharpie - maybe talk about your flags or something, because unless bigger points come earlier they sound more drawn out. But in general it was a solid effort.
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1 user rated this judgement as constructive
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2014-01-08 20:57:32
De@thJudge: De@th
Win awarded to: nzlockie
nzlockie, in-spite of being in a debate that is far from any ideal debate, presented his ideas in a very cool and gentle manner, which is really admirable.
His arguments or rather the alternative 'awesomes' were pretty nice, especially treated with the tints of humor.
Personally speaking, I liked the 1st round of the debate rather than the subsequent ones. To add, the particular idea portraying his nana as a possible contender for 'awesomest awesome awesome' was nice.

To edgeawesome776, I'd like to suggest that it would be in best interest of this site and other members that he doesn't try topics which are absolutely irrelevant and out of common debating interests.
Also it would be particularly good if he doesn't begin a debate if he doesn't intent to continue with it. Well, its really bad that he forfeited every rounds.
With nzlockie, handling of the topic was nice and humorous, though his list of contenders was comparatively stronger in the 1st round than the 2nd, which I'd prefer the other way round.
2 users rated this judgement as constructive
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2014-01-12 09:46:31
PinkieJudge: Pinkie    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: nzlockie
2014-01-14 05:37:06
JV-StalinJudge: JV-Stalin
Win awarded to: nzlockie
Obvious vote is obvious
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2014-01-15 18:27:07
RagnarJudge: Ragnar
Win awarded to: nzlockie
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2014-01-17 04:30:39
TheAntidoterJudge: TheAntidoter
Win awarded to: nzlockie
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  • Individual debate
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  • 8000 characters per round
  • No reply speeches
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  • Time to prepare: None
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