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do celebrities get away with more crime then non-celebrities?

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CalebfizzelCalebfizzel (PRO)
id also like to put in some definitions
crime: an action that is punishable by law
celebrity: to be famous or the state of being well known often they are actors singers writers politicians etc
i would like to point out that an immediate google search for celebrities comes up with hundreds of results of celebrities who got off of crimes easy or completely
i will now point out some celebrities and things they have gotten away with
justin beiber jan 23 2014 was arrested for dui and resisted arrest and only got punished with anger mangement classes month later he was charged with assault but only given a fine R kelly in 2002 had a sex tape with a minor released but the jury found him innocent. mel gibson had 2 DUI and still only payed a fine even after aggressive actions
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2018-04-27 01:36:45
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Undovic88Undovic88 (CON)
My argument is a very strong no. In general what you see on media when it comes to celebrities is fabricated. Not only that, but media alone is not substantial evidence to charge... well anyone. Journalists who work for several companies such as Cosmopolitan or The Rolling Stone are popularly known to twist images of famous individuals s. I have a few counter examples: Shailene Woodley arrested in North Dakota during the Pipe Line Protest. Bruno Mars arrested for being in possession of cocaine.

R Kelly was found non guilty, that is indeed a fact. The girl and her family refused to testify. The jury was swayed.

As for Justin Beiber- Resisting Arrest charges can range from somewhere of a $4,000 fine to 1 year max in jail, he to
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2018-04-27 22:25:05
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CalebfizzelCalebfizzel (PRO)
i do agree that media in the world does change and twist facts from reality
but there are celebrities who do get away with things because there famous
gabriel iglesias admitted to this one time saying that he got pulled over and his friend had weed but the cop let them go because he was famous and made him laugh.
i get that its a joke but it does have meaning to it
most people would go to jail for resisiting arrest and have there license pulled for the charges justin bieber had coincidence he only got away with $600 fine?

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2018-04-28 00:41:53
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Undovic88Undovic88 (CON)
It seems as if you don't know all your facts about his case. Bieber took a plea deal with three parts. The first, to take 12 hours of anger management counseling. The second, attend a program that teaches about the impact of drunken driving on victims and the third, to make a $50,000 donation to 'Our Kids' Charity. Still think he got off easy?

Gabriel Iglesias is a comedian. There is no proof being his stories and even with that fact- The situation in which they asked the cop if they could keep the weed and the cop easily could have easily assumed they were kidding after the whole situation. But keep this as a reminder. Just because he told the story as part of the skit does not mean it actually took place.

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2018-04-28 22:56:11
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