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Why elderly people should not have to pay taxes for education?

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sidharth sunishsidharth sunish (PRO)
A human being passes through various stages in his life, where his roles and responsibilities keep on changing as per the requirement of the particular stage. Thus, it becomes critical for us to analyse the roles and responsibilities of the elderly towards the future generation for analysing the debate.

The people who are currently above 60 have already paid in taxes for the future generation when they were working during their middle age. Now, whatever has been saved by them is expected to be utilised by them to enjoy their final years without any burden on them. A tax being levied on them for the education of the future generation is as futile as taxing school going students for medicine and research purposes. 

Also, another point which comes to fore is the fact that most of the elderly people do not have a steady source of income. Whatever they have, is a combination of their savings in the bank or pensions. Levying extra taxes on the measly source of income which is being generated due to vision and planning they had done years ago is just punishing them for their foresight.

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2017-04-02 11:46:37
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