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The Chinese Government Should be Held Accountable for the Widespread of the Coronavirus


Waiting for Kush

The chair calls upon Kush to continue the debate.

Time remaining to post: 2020-05-26 11:10:17

The Debate So Far

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No problem, you could quit if you want, I'll challenge you with the same topic in a text debate.
Posted 2020-05-25 11:56:50
My apologies. I did not know this was a video debate. I would not have accepted it. I will cobble something together

Posted 2020-05-23 13:36:09
Mate, this is a very awkward format to debate in. I am not sure what the judges would think. I would judge against it, as I come to this site to read, and not watch videos. That being said, I will give it a go.

Posted 2020-05-23 13:11:26

Rules of the debate

  • Video debate
  • Individual debate
  • 3 rounds
  • No length restrictions
  • Reply speeches
  • Uses cross-examination
  • Permissive Judging Standard (notes)
  • Forfeiting rounds does not mean forfeiting the debate
  • Rated debate
  • Time to post: 2 days
  • Time to vote: 2 weeks
  • Time to prepare: 12 hours
  • Time for cross-examination: 1 day