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That women should not serve in military combat roles

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PovskiPovski (PRO)
In numerous countries today, women serve in military combat roles.
Until not much time ago, war was mainly man dominated. Recently, more women have taken on this field, perhaps on account of feminism.

I want to point out some of the flaws with female soldiers in combat.
There is rife evidence of the physical differences between genders, like bone structure, muscle power, general physical strength and endurance. These make men more suited for combat. There aren't many women capable of carring a fully equiped wounded soldier on a rack. In a bullet-firing scenario, this may cost lives. That is a valid point in and of itself, but there is something more I want to show. 
I've read that female soldiers are more likely to be captured as POWs (prisoner of war). This and all the unpleasures of combat situation reduces the interest in such roles. Few women actually want to serve in combat such that (altogheter with the grueling selection process) even fewer make the cut. This means that it is not possible to have all-female units.
The problems with mix gender units are:
  • intimate relations between soldiers disrupting the functionality of the unit;
  • the trouble of adequate camps to suite both sexes (which in submarines is close to impossible);
  • a general protective instinct which men have for women, and which may interfere with the mission's goal.
These are all mostly tactical problems. I mean, the fact that men care for women is a great thing as such, not a problem, but is also the reason why women shouldn't partake in direct combat alongside male soldiers.

The right to serve one's country as they see fit is still available to women. I merely tried to show why this isn't the fittest way tacticaly. I think that some gender specific qualities make them very useful in military noncombat roles and would be wasted in combat. For example, their "people skills" may come in handy in diplomatic enviroments, or in helping to build up soldiers' morale as nurses, or even espionage.

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2017-05-03 17:55:43
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