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That women should be allowed into front-line combat roles

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DethKnotDethKnot (PRO)
Let me begin by saying this kind of argument involves women in it, not men. As a man, I don't even feel like men should decide what women want to do. I think if a woman wants to have a combat role and proves she can do it well, then there's no reason to stop her. This is not something for men to decide. If women want to make their own rules about how they go about this issue, they need to do it, not men. Women are humans as are men. Some women would voluntarily die or get hurt to protect their country. Especially with only so many people really ready for combat, some countries already make women the leaders in the military. And it works fine. Some are even ready with knowledge on how to defend and attack in everyday life. Again, I still think this is not an issue for men to intervene on unless absolutely nessacery.
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2017-05-16 12:15:50
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