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That we should punish users of extremist websites

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Ronaldo KaddoumRonaldo Kaddoum (PRO)
"There is nothing more dangerous than a man who only read from one book". Thoughts have always existed. They are the main propellers of human progress. At the same time, the effect of thoughts is different from a person to another. Extremists for example, are those who only read from one book and therefore will consider it true. Moreover, technology hugely allowed the widespread of extremism, especially among the teenagers. Now some argue that it is natural that curiosity leads some people to discover terrorists site, but the experience we have of it proved them wrong.
  1. We should punish extremist websites users because they are a potential threat to their communities. Every year, hundreds of Europeans have been involved in Syria's war within ISIS clan. Those were teenagers or young adults living in peace, until their minds have recieved that radicalist islamic preaching. The easiest way they get it from is terrorist websites visiting. The ideal would be to take down such sites. Since they are too numerous to be taken down they should be illegal. As if we were saying : Cross that line at your own responsibility. In fact, those who want to cross that line would always find a way to cross it. And after spending hours gazing at their screens where they are recieving images, videos and preachments sharply designed in order to drag people , they will start changing their habits. They will start hating and spreading hate. Moreover the most dangerous aspect is that the intelligence can't always precisely know if the user is connecting to other users and creating terror web. In front of such a potential danger, punishement is to be imposed

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2017-07-19 06:57:27
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Who is we? What common law would both authorize punishment and apply to all potential internet users?
Posted 2017-07-16 00:02:17
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