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That we should censor violent video games

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Previous Judgments

2018-04-21 14:57:30
reno123Judge: reno123
Win awarded to: Minorichie
Both losers in my opinion, don't take the debate unless you have something to say. You don't need another person to make an argument in order to make your own, you can see the question, you can make your opinions. You can write your argument.

Only accept the debate if you are going to actually write something.
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2018-04-22 02:42:46
MharmanJudge: Mharman    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: KillyRocket
No one posted. This should be a tie.
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2018-04-23 00:42:24
ZanedemaJudge: Zanedema
Win awarded to: KillyRocket
Nobody actually did anything. The round is a tie.

Basically what reno123 said. If you accept a debate, you should make at least an attempt to write something, anything.
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2018-04-24 00:34:23
nzlockieJudge: nzlockie    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: Minorichie
PRO has burden of proof. This means that they need to make the case for the resolution or they lose.
Since they haven't said anything, CON has nothing to rebut. That's not CON's fault and they don't get penalised with a loss just because there was no argument there for them to address.
This is a win for CON.

On many sites this WOULD be a tied debate. But, as has been explained MANY times, Edeb8 doesn't allow ties.
And certainly in this case there's no need for a tie, since one side clearly failed to meet their BOP.

PRO: make a case.

CON: even if you have no case to address, good form would be to at least address the judges and explain why you're not making a case.

JUDGES: When deciding a winner, ask yourself one question. "Did PRO met their burden of proof?"
If the answer is no then CON wins. It's as simple as that.

The only time it's different is those rare times where CON has BOP. (Which was not the case here)
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  • 4 rounds
  • No length restrictions
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