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That we should ban all guns to the public

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Tau MatsauTau Matsau (PRO)

I would like to open my argument by stating that I don't believe that guns should be absolutely impossible to obtain, but I do believe that ALL guns should be tightly regulated. Regardless of whether the gun is a pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, or whatever, we should NOT discriminate between them because they are all lethal weapons at the end of the day. 

If someone is to be in possession of a lethal weapon, I think we could agree that we would like to make sure that he/she is well educated on the utility of the weapon and well informed about the safety measures that must be practiced. I believe that we should approach this topic in the same way that we regulate drivers. We require people to prove their competency in multiple ways before being allowed to legally drive a vehicle in public: an eye test, hazard perception test, theory test and then a practical test. Once all of the above tests have been passed, then one receives a license that proves that an individual is a safe and proficient driver. In some countries like Australia, you start with a provisional license that puts some restrictions on things such as passenger allowance or BAC level, and then only after a certain time period will a full license be issued. Being thorough like this encourages learner drivers to be very wary of their driving until they're fully licensed; it ensures that everyone drives sufficiently well enough; and this ultimately makes everyone feel safe on the road.

So it only makes sense that if we treat vehicles in this way because we're aware of the potential harm that they cause, then we definitely need to be equally cautious if not more so when it comes to lethal weapons like guns.

Closing statement: It simply should NOT be easier to legally purchase weapons than it is to donate blood and to purchase certain medications, lawn darts, fireworks or a puppy!

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2018-09-06 13:03:52
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