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That the internet has a damaging impact on society

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pukifruitipukifruiti (PRO)
the Internet is a great invention, that's undeniable. At first glance, it seems like internet has facilitated every aspect of our life, and assuredly you have all the rights to think so. 

However, the internet, I believe, may have a detrimental impact on society, here is why. 

We live in reality, in a real world with real humans, real emotions and genuine human interactions. Undoubtedly, the internet, which undoubtedly is the invention of the century, enables us to leave the real world to join a parallel world, where we can feel more comfortable and cozy than in reality. I mean, everyone does, when you come back home after a day at work or at school, being tired of working and being busy the whole day, doesn't it feel great to escape from reality and to live another life in a technological world, like playing video games or surfing on social networks? Of course it does ! 
But here is the thing, this is perfectly normal ! In fact, we all do this, whether we are students, workers, teachers or even retired, we all like to leave our beautiful but sometimes harsh reality to live in our personalized technological world, for a moment at least. The problem however is, that this escape of reality is becoming an increasingly alarming habit of our population. Just look at the Asian countries, where more than 75% of the students wear glasses because of a lack of sunlight contact. Or just look at the decreasing social interactions between young children, when a smartphone is given them. People no longer interact with each other, that's alarming, isn't it? Or do you think it's normal to avoid any social contact and to live in your own internal bubble as an introvert? Perhaps you think there is nothing wrong with being an introvert, and you are right to think so but if we all were introverts, then the human specie couldn't have flourished across the animal kingdom.
Why?  Because we are a social specie, and we all know that we are better together than alone, that's the idea of society, in which I believe.
As human beings, we are social animals, it's in our genes. The internet, although it is a very useful invention in many many aspects of our lives, stifles our emotional interactions in society. Nevertheless, our society is based on humans who interact with each other, isn't it? The internet is slowly setting us apart by making us becoming introverts, this may, I believe, have a damaging impact on society. 

There are many other points regarding the detrimental effect the internet may have on society, including the human beings, insofar as it has been proven by many very well respected studies that wifi waves of the internet pose some very serious threat to our health as human beings. 
Those are the facts, Internet slowly destroys human interactions and poses great threats for our health, hence I personally believe it will have a damaging impact on society. And again, those are the facts and you can do with them what you want, but I can't help but think that internet doesn't do only good to our society.

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2017-12-12 19:14:17
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MharmanMharman (CON)
The internet has allowed communication and entertainment like never before. And believe it or not, dos teens do spend more time socializing than they do on screens. Also, glasses have nothing to do with sun contact, it only has to do with the shape of the eye. There are several extroverts who use the internet frequently as well.
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2017-12-14 02:11:16
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Mharman: Have you noticed how Skype allows people to communicate from far away?
Mharman: Have you noticed how the internet has revolutionized how business operate?
Mharman: Have you noticed the same thing with the government?

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