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That the feminist movement should actively exclude socially conservative viewpoints

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Alexandre The Thrice GreatAlexandre The Thrice Great (PRO)
Motion: The feminist movement SHOULD actively exclude socially conservative viewpoints ..

Feminism is and has always been an extreme movement, campaigning on behalf of true atrocities found in society; domestic violence, at times exclusion from public votes, or sexual harassment in the workplace, to be treated as a second class citizen etc.
it is understandable that the feminist movement should/would and does arise in situations of such clear and obvious inequality, however it would be to become the downfall of political feminism when conservative viewpoints become their focus. Inequality is only ever to be loosely corrected, the scales of justice must retain room to breathe .. whereas conservative views are too general, or too dismissable to allow for functioning, breathable equality.
It is understandable when, for example; women are denied a vote, for a large scale political movement to take place raising awareness and keeping pressure on public opinion and causing disruptions to everyday transport, media, educational, news etc. systems. 

However if the same large scale disruptions are caused by a feminist rally because women want to complain about sexual harassment in the workplace, there is a disproportionate outcome to  raised awareness of workplace harassment, and the hardships inflicted on the public at whole by a mass feminist rally... especially when it is taken into consideration the amount of workplace harassment that may take place, including male on male bullying, or discrimination based upon religious background, or favouritism and nepotism that is not raised.
I forward the motion that extreme feminism is excusable when is response to inexcusable acts or abuses of the finer sex, exclusion from voting(similar to slaves) for example .. But when feminism is used to support socially conservative viewpoints, the extreme actions of a group of protesters, feminist or other are more damaging to the healthy and natural movements of society as a whole than the benefits of a slightly more socially conservative aware populus ...

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2018-05-10 19:06:18
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