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That the death penalty should be abolished globally

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Deeti GuptaDeeti Gupta
I agree with this topic as we have no right to take another person's life even if they have done the same thing. If we take the criminal's life because they took someone else's life, what is the difference between us and the criminal? If you give death penalty, then the criminal probably won't even realise their mistake. A life sentence of jail would be better as it would make them realise their mistake and they will regret it and remember it their whole life. In case of death penalty, even if they do realise their mistake, they will die before they regret it.
Posted 2017-03-27 12:15:14
Molly AtchesonMolly Atcheson
Hello, I disagree with this statement as some crimes are to despicable and terrible that there is no punishment strong enough other than death. And also I dislike people very much.
Posted 2017-03-25 18:44:13
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