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That the United States should recognize Spanish as an official language

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No clue. Completely forgot I even had this
Posted 2017-07-18 19:45:42
How does any judge justify voting for either side on this?
Posted 2017-07-17 23:55:39
The judging period on this debate is over

Previous Judgments

2017-07-02 16:49:44
MandelaIMJudge: MandelaIM
Win awarded to: TN05
2017-07-02 20:42:15
DBongBongJudge: DBongBong
Win awarded to: TN05
2017-07-03 21:41:25
rippedpantsatberkelyJudge: rippedpantsatberkely
Win awarded to: TN05
2017-07-14 23:09:36
Alexa Judge: Alexa
Win awarded to: TN05

Rules of the debate

  • Text debate
  • Individual debate
  • 2 rounds
  • 8000 characters per round
  • No reply speeches
  • Uses cross-examination
  • Permissive Judging Standard (notes)
  • Forfeiting rounds does not mean forfeiting the debate
  • Images allowed
  • HTML formatting allowed
  • Unrated debate
  • Time to post: 3 days
  • Time to vote: 1 month
  • Time to prepare: 12 hours
This is a random challenge. See the general rules for random challenges at http://www.edeb8.com/resources/General+rules+for+random+debates+%28version+2%29