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That teams should allow sponsors to advertise on their jerseys

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KushKush (PRO)

Firstly, I'd like to thank @AliNotTooSmartNasir for taking part in this debate.


I would like to decipher the resolution and also clarify some ground definitions to be used throughout the course of this debate. Here the teams are the ones that have to grant the permission to companies/sponsors to advertise on the jersey of their teams. PRO stands FOR the argument.


Let us consider the case of hockey here, NHL to be more specific. There are various low-revenue teams like Florida and Winnipeg. And the Manchester United club in England signed Chevrolet for a whopping €53 million. Sure, Manchester United is a very big club, but even if small revenue teams get half of this value, they will be able to throw money on big players thus improving the overall strength and performance of their team. Not only can the revenue go to improving the core team, it can also go towards renovating the home stadium, or buying better equipment.

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2020-07-14 04:05:01
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