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That religion is a waste of time

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BlackflagBlackflag (CON)
Religion makes people scared to masturbate so that they only vent their urges by reproducing. This is a very good population enhancer.

It's also why China is mostly atheist now.

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2014-10-02 22:48:30
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At RM- If you let the debate have two forfeits in a route, it'll stop the debate and take it straight to judging. So in the future, get the last word to show that it wasn't you, and then let it run the time out.
Posted 2014-10-07 04:53:05
yes it is a waste of time, wen god has made us all...why do we feel that we are different from each other...someone can't be different from other person just because of one's religion. Do something to be different, religion is just passed down to you and will be carried down further.
Posted 2014-10-04 20:54:50
Is this your first debate here?
Posted 2014-10-02 06:36:48
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Previous Judgments

2014-10-05 21:10:46
BlackflagJudge: Blackflag
Win awarded to: Blackflag
PRO had the burden of proving the resolution is true, and chose to forfeit instead
3 users rated this judgement as good
1 user rated this judgement as exceptional
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2014-10-06 04:49:00
whiteflameJudge: whiteflame    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: Blackflag
Forfeiting every round from start to finish easily makes this a Con win. It's ironic that someone who was arguing that religion was a waste of time ended up wasting time with this debate.

RM, I get that you're trolling here, but it would have been nice to see you actually try your hand at a case instead. What you said in R1 was simply a non-sequitur with no applicability to the debate at hand. I get that your opponent didn't come up with a case, but rather than be impertinent, I think you would have been better off at least preparing for what your opponent might say.
3 users rated this judgement as constructive
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2014-10-07 04:54:18
nzlockieJudge: nzlockie    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: Blackflag
2014-10-18 03:53:47
9spacekingJudge: 9spaceking
Win awarded to: ivory
Unintentional coach obviously wins here because pro had no case and ff'd. Unfortunately there is a bug in which I cannot choose U.C. as the winner.

Don't forfeit, pro. As for you, U.C., your round one was totally random, disturbing, and does not help to your case.
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2014-10-22 10:50:46
lannan13Judge: lannan13    TOP JUDGE
Win awarded to: ivory
1 user rated this judgement as good
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