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That preparations against zombie attacks should be the responsibility of the military

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sridharakellasridharakella (PRO)
Death is inevitable, and this fact is known universally. However, when Death overturns itself and an individual is infused with the life of a monstrosity, it creates The Walking Dead. This monster cares for no soul, no person; only for it's hunger. Hunger that is quenched by consuming the flesh of a fully sentient person and only then the Zombie moves on. Thus is the life of a Zombie, a ghoul with great physical strength and thirst for blood. When a Zombie Apocalypse is to happen, humanity will be found itself watching in horror. The average individual loves to conjure up tales of how to take down Zombies with tactics and/or destructive tools. But this is a Zombie Invasion we're speaking of, and can only be tackled by the most skilled. 

The United States military employs around 1 Million personnel, spends approximately $500 Billion every year to protect its citizens and boundaries. Many a nations have tried to take down this superpower, with weaponry as well as armed forces, but have been thwarted by the ever powerful US military. Situations that require complete execution are generally performed well by the military, and that doesn't even just apply to this country's military. They just happen to consist of the strongest, bravest and some of the most skillful men and women in the country they represent. Furthermore, the financial backing an army has creates scope for brilliant advances in Weapons. A military is, by far, the most readily equipped team of fighters there is, and in affairs such as an Apocalypse, would be the optimal muscle to handle it. 

The governments of all the great powers in the world should come together, and form a referendum. A referendum that should uphold human life above all else. In the case of a Zombie Apocalypse, any and all beefs between countries should be dropped and resources should allocated towards reducing human annihilation. And as for the actual conflict, the able people of the military shall be prepped and allowed to take down these nasty beasts and save the average Joe and Jane from being eaten up like uncooked steak. 

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2017-03-14 23:00:59
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Deeti GuptaDeeti Gupta
Well firstly, there is no proof that zombies even exist. We've only heard of them in movies and myths. Secondly, assuming that they DO exist, who knows how to defeat them? You can't actually tell the military to defeat something they know nothing about. Zombies are undead and supposedly cannot be killed so it's practically impossible to defeat them. That is, I repeat, IF zombies exist. There's no proof for their existence and they would have already attacked if they existed and wanted to considering the fact that no one knows how to kill them.
Posted 2017-03-27 12:32:36
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