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That people should have to pass drug tests to receive welfare

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debator.phoenixdebator.phoenix (PRO)
I commence my argument with a welcoming introduction to the world of reason and logic.  Throughout this debate, I will serve as the slave to my beliefs, although perhaps I will also serve as a messenger.  I do in fact, believe strongly in the power of words and what they may grant us in our most troubling of times, as if they are the bridge that many of us are in dire need of crossing.  That being said, I will attempt my damndest to offer you the most simplistic and most relevant point of view on the matter.  I will uniformly respect your opinions, albeit, near the elapse, I am confident in my victorious outcome of the debate, being as if I am crowned the position or not.  For I, debator.pheonix, am in utter certainty that welfare shall not be provided to those who have failed to pass drug tests.

To truly comprehend what the situation in America is, we must delve into the facts and programs.  In the United States, there are six major Government - ran welfare programs. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Supplemental Security Income, Earned Income Tax Credit, and Housing Assistance.  To qualify for welfare, being a family of four, the total household income must meet or be below $25,100. We must constantly remind ourselves of the fact that welfare is simply a service that requires a person who receives welfare benefits, to commit to becoming self-sufficient within a specified time period, as welfare is meant to provide temporary assistance.  Welfare is meant to provide temporary assistance!  Thus, Welfare is a sort of loan. The government does not hand out money or blatantly disrespect those who do indeed strive and work to create a life for themselves. Welfare is a way to put Americans who are not in a outgrowth position, to push hard enough to break free of anything holding them back and to contribute either to the economy or cultural advancements.  If the men and women who receive Welfare, especially those with children, are partaking in illegal activities such as drug use, they are limiting the amount of profitable, economically and cultural growth they allow themselves.  In fact those who are in a situation in which they need additional financial support, must be obliged to work at an even more tireless rate, and the use of drugs does not fall under the category of tireless work providing growth, in my book, fortunately neither does it qualify in yours.  

According to www.law.cornell.edu and U.S. Code: 42 USC., Chapter 7 - Social Security Act, passed by congress in 1966, states that drug addiction or alcoholism not be a material factor in a person's disability, and by enlarge, not play a role in the disability benefits they receive. Ladies and gentlemen, or rather to whom it may concern, I urge you to reason, for it is already a written law that people under welfare are required to be abstinent of drug use.  All that is required, is the enforcement of the law by administering drug tests on a frequent basis . It is in the concern of America's well - being that Welfare is adminstered, and in the well - being of America, I express to you that we shall not allow for loitering in America.  The use of drugs by people we have deemed worthy of receiving money to mold a better situation for themselves is absurd.  

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2018-12-16 20:32:13
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