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That music glorifying violence against women should be banned

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asadc21138asadc21138 (PRO)
Since the 1970's music has been glorifying violence against women and it is even worse now. Songs that are called rap are the worst for example anaconda, It's getting hot in here and so many more yes this music is amazing and we all love it but if you listen closely to the music lyrics they talk about taking girl's/ women's clothes off and looking at their big butts. It's 2018 do we really want girls to listen to these songs and think oh I don't need to do well in life and then quit school it's 2018 and for 229 years it's been all male presidents not yet has one female president won and has been the president of the united states 

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2018-09-29 21:41:18
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nerdgeeknerdgeek (CON)
You make a valid point, but you forget that there is music calling for violence against men as well. A better thing to ban would simply be any and all music expressing violence. However, this would be censoring a person's beliefs, or how they think, which is unconstitutional, no matter how sick the person's beliefs are.

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2018-10-01 16:27:34
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