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That multiculturalism is superior to monoculturalism

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sidharth sunishsidharth sunish (PRO)
In a day and age when people are traveling from one place to another in a matter of hours, talking face to face with someone on the other side of the planet in seconds, and the entire world transforming into a big village, anyone would be open to saying that Multiculturism is by default the way to go.

But the recent trend is quite contrary to this perceived notion. Be it Brexit or Rise of Trump, People are starting to believe that Monoculturalism is the way ahead. Hence, this debate raises a very important question with respect to the changing times.

I would like to start my debate by talking about the biggest strength Multiculturalism has over Monoculturalism, which can easily be seen everywhere, from the United nations to the local community, and this strength is Sharing of Views. A view of a member of the community forms on the basis of the region where they are living, the religion they follow, the society they are a part of, the education that they were imparted etc. And almost all of these factors are affected by the ideas which the members of the society have inculcated in themselves. 

In this cycle mentioned above, a multicultural society enriches itself by taking in input from the various viewpoints generated by the different ethnic groups residing with one other. This sharing of views helps in the broadening the horizon of opinions of the members, with each new point raised aiding them to look at a problem or a discussion from a new perspective.

A monocultural environment might have its own benefits but overall a multicultural environment is superior because of this basic reason. After all, everything in life is balanced, and balance can never be created by a single entity. You need at least two of them. The Yin and The Yang. 

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2017-04-19 17:22:35
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DethKnotDethKnot (CON)
Multiculturalism upon first look is automatically assumed to be the epicenter of a good moral society. I actually personally felt very uncomfortable being on this side of the debate. However, I have rethought it deeply and have come with the following first statements. Culture is defined as the the act of developing the intellectual and moral facilities especially by education (Webster's dictionary) The question is, can monoculturalism work better therefore, be superior to multiculturalism? I actually think there are a few ways. If the one culture is where all people are raised by encouraging free thinking as long as it remains within certain boundaries like no discriminating if somebody looks different or has a different ideology, (keep in mind difference of culture and ideology) then it could in fact be a positive way for society. One culture could lea to a variety of advances of society if it finds a way to embrace socialism and make everyone able to earn and live truly equally without discrimination or problem. Add to the fact that multiculturalism often brings about war and competition that ends in more suffering, and multiculturalism could be considered a solution. The true way to make monocultralism work is to find a culture that could work for everyone rather than multiple people killing each other over being different. It could also be noted that people should just accept differences of people anyhow and that's the beauty of multicultualism. BUT, some cultures flat out do not allow that and makes it problematic. Realistically, if cultures were to become too different, the end of the world could be way closer than believed as differences lead to misunderstandings as well as fear, greed, and desperation for power, all of which, morally, are definitely not superior.
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2017-04-19 20:17:40
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sidharth sunishsidharth sunish (PRO)
Before I start my second round, I would like to clarify one point stated by my opponent.

My esteemed Opponent has cited that multiculturalism will lead towards the destruction of society as we know it. And Monoculturalism can prevent that from happening. While it is true that due to the difference in opinions arising due to the different cultures being mixed together a state of war can prevail in a multicultural society, but monoculturalism is within itself not the solution for the same. A riot or a war can also occur in the case of a monocultural society as the difference of opinion is inherent in the society. A case in point being the middle east and China, where due to the monocultural tendency of the states, the minorities are repressed and not provided with basic human rights causing regular war like situation.

I would like to point a real life scenario for the debate of Multicultural and Monocultural society, India and Pakistan. One of them, since its independence, has accepted the diversity as part of its very DNA and has tried to include all the members of its society to be a part of its growth. While the other has stuck with fervor to its monocultural attitude by suppressing other cultures by using military and political power. Is it a wonder that the first country, India, is one of the emerging global superpowers of the world, while the other is stuck in a quagmire of terrorism, poverty, and terrorism.

A perfect monocultural society is utopian in my opinion as there would be a  minority in every country across the world. Thus, in the real world, a monocultural society is nothing but the creation fo a state where the majority makes the policies and laws for themselves without taking into account the fact that minorities are also part of the nation. But this loophole, if my say so, is effectively nipped in the bud in a multicultural society. 

A multicultural society also helps in developing the economy and the  tourism of the country, with the different cultures of the settled population giving birth to varied architectural marvels, delectable foods, various clothing styles etc. This can be easily leveraged by a country to create job opportunities for its citizens as well as a method to increase its foreign exchange capacity.

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2017-04-23 16:14:15
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I must note that I made an error. In my sentence "Add to the fact that multiculturalism often brings about war and competition that ends in more suffering, and multiculturalism could be considered a solution, " I meant MONOculturalism could be considered a solution and I will address this in round 2.
Posted 2017-04-19 20:20:49
True.I already have a big arguement ready for the first round. :) I'm more than ready for this now.
Posted 2017-04-19 07:32:47
@DethKnot - yes it is good practice :D I feel the same way on this topic but seriously, it's a very good one to come up with arguments on all sides for.
Posted 2017-04-18 23:44:45
Found a way to debate this without feeling like an ass! Cool!
Posted 2017-04-18 23:20:59
Welp I guess there's no way to forfeit before I start. So consider this just a practice round because I just wanted a to join a debate in general not literally argue for CON in this!! But again, good to practice so we can both be better at debating FOR muticulturalism!
Posted 2017-04-18 22:15:35
I mean I can try to see if I could do this for the sake of brainstorming what somebody would say, more as a practice I guess, but I'm completely for multiculturalism by personal opinion.
Posted 2017-04-18 20:09:19
wait i wanted to be pro nevermind this.
Posted 2017-04-18 20:08:13
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