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That homeschooling as a form of alternative education should be abolished

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It is because I believe in public and effective education that I affirm "That homeschooling as a form of alternative education should be abolished".

Observation 1 is that in order for my opponent to win this debate the negative burden is to provide at least more than 1 example in which we must absolutely use homeschooling as a form of alternative education.

Observation 2 is that in order for myself to win the debate, the affirmative burden is to provide at least 1 example in which it is an excellent idea to not use homeschooling as an alternative for education.

Observation 3 is that public schools are funded by the state and have specific and beneficial curriculum that is in place to prevent the student from learning far behind, meaning the there is no reason to have homeschooling in the first place for their is no pace of learning for that child.

The highest value of this debate is utilitarianism. The value criterion should be the maximization of curriculum usage to provide a more effective education for the future generations.

Due to the fact of time limitations I was presented with, I am now unable to provide more information. I will provide more information in the later rounds.

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2017-02-24 02:39:15
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