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That feminism should celebrate unisex sports leagues

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WhasianWhasian (PRO)
The feminist community should embrace unisex sports, After all, feminism doesn't mean women are better than men or men are worthless, it means that women are EQUAL to men. It means that instead of being given minimal pay, hooted at in the streets, or...  being told they can't play the same sports as men. Women's versions of sports have been around for decades and the first women entered the Olympics in 1900. However, women have been seen to play at the same level and even higher levels than that of men. With the most notable being Bille Jean King, who defeated basketball legend Bobby Riggs in a tournament. As well as Lynn Hill who was the first person to perform a free climb up the Nose Route on Yosemite's El Capitan, which had never been completed by neither man nor woman. The feminist community never wanted men to be of lower standing than women. They simply want equality whether it be in the workplace or on a field. 
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2018-01-25 20:24:48
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chathuchathu (CON)

There is a country call “X” which had so many clever architectures. They constructed buildings like no other country. Those buildings were amazing. But the king of that country ordered to the constructers to construct a huge building from earth to heaven.

Honorable opposition member, ladies and gentlemen.

My first argument

The opposition is arguing very similarly to the king of this story. He says that to prove the cleverness or the equality among men and women, feminism should embrace unisex sports. In this story it doesn’t matter how clever the architectures were. Building a building from earth to heaven is a stupid and useless thing. They can’t prove their cleverness through this kind of a thing. Same as here, it is a useless thing to embrace unisex sports in order to show the cleverness or equality. To show the equality, there are so many ways we can think of. Throughout this debate, I will prove that embracing unisex sports is a useless thing when it comes to proving equality which the proposition was greatly talking.

My second argument

My second argument is based with useless/unnecessary conflicts which can be occurred from this kind of a league. Every person likes to win their opinion or to say that they are better than the other. So we all are humans. So if man wins these competitions, some men who have extreme views can say they are better than women. If women beat men in these contests, some women who have extreme views can say they are better than men.

So why do we create an opportunity for unnecessary conflicts. Those conflicts can be occurred even between wife and husband because of seeing these unisex sports leagues. I am simply saying that these unisex sports leagues are creating discrimination between women and men. These leagues are a main reason to highlight and to show there is a gap between men and women. These sports are creating the impression that one sex is better than the other. So we should not allow that. In order to avoid conflicts and the discrimination which create by unisex sports, the feminism should oppose to unisex sports league.

So ladies and gentlemen, there are plenty of arguments to come. But I already pointed out two things.

1. Use unisex sports league to promote the equality or the cleverness, is a useless thing because there are plenty of things we can do to promote real equality

2. Unisex sports league does not promote the equality but creating discrimination and unnecessary conflicts between men and women.

So let’s here from the opposition whether he can brake those two points.

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2018-01-26 11:53:37
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